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Easy Temperature and Humidity for Raspberry Pi

Air temperature and relative humidity are very common parameters that needs to be measured. We've been using the well-known DHT22 but we find it very innacurate as well as unstable. Also, Raspberry Pi doesn't come with a built-in ADC, and using analog sensors isn't easy. That's why we've created EzTemp&RH! :) With EzTemp&RH you get a professional relative humidity sensor by Honeywell and an accurate thermistor that you can read using your UART pins on Raspberry Pi, your PC or any other serial-capable device. You just send a 1-byte command to the EzTemp&RH and it will take readings of humidity, temperature and an external signal you connect. EzTemp&RH will send the data back through the serial port. EzTemp&RH features a professional-grade Honeywell HIH5030, 3% accurate from 11-89% RH (7% at 0-10% and 90-100%), as well as a 10kOhm 1% thermistor. Sensors are read by a precision 12-bit SAR ADC. You can also connect an external sensor to the ADC to use it on Raspberry Pi. We're open-hardware fans. If EzTemp&RH gets produced, we'll publish the sources on GitHub. Schematics, Layout, BOM and firmware will be available for anyone to see, modify and create their own designs. This means we could work together on the firmware and design awesome features! The on-board PSoC4 device will run a bootloader, so you can upgrade its code easily using the serial port on your computer. Also, you can run your custom code on EzTemp&RH for your own applications. It can work as a standalone microcontroller board!